Friday, February 24, 2012

Random Post

Well it's Friday, and it's actually sunny.....yah, I know.....I don't trust it. But whatev....I can sit here at my desk, look through our 400gal fish tank, and see Mt. Hood clearly out in the distance. (Man, I miss the Summer.)
I need to go someplace tropical....
At least we are going to Disneyland in a month......thats like....faux-tropical I guess.

Hard to focus on work today.....I blame the sun (but in a good way). It's still early though.....2 hours down, 7 to go. I have lots to do after work today. Gonna head out and go visit my Mom for the weekend. We are working on our SUPERsecretSHUTyoMOUTHyouDIDNThearITfromME project. I have high hopes for it to be my next big product, but we'll see. You never know...I am weird, and there are lots of things I like, but no one else does...sigh.

But for now....time to go through on work stuff.....gotta pay bills yannow.

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