Here is a little video I put together to help with applying my decals.

I love tumblers!  I mean seriously, everything tastes better through a straw.  I'm terrible at not drinking enough water.  But, now that I have a fun, decorative tumbler by my side...I now drink plenty of agua through the day!

Items you will need:
Tumbler (I am using an 8oz)
Transfer Paper
Tape (regular, nothing special)
Weeding Tool
Smoothing Tool

For this tutorial, I use a Cameo Silhouette cutter to set up my designs and templates.

Here is my design setup in the Silhoutte software.  I made a couple of black squares on the top of the template as my registration marks.  Those marks are separate from my color layers.  That way each time I cut one of the color layers, the marks are in the same spot each time.

Next, I pull out whatever color vinyl I want to use for the layers.  And, we cut!
(...and yes, my Silhouette is on the floor.  Looking forward to having more work space in our next home)

Then you are going to weed out your unnecessary vinyl.  You will use a small hook-like tool for this, I just don't have it pictured here.

Your layers, weeded and ready to go

 I like to tape down my layers in a circle or row, making sure I have my very bottom layer last.  

I like to use clear transfer paper, for the obvious reasons.

  Next, you will take your transfer paper and cut off as much as necessary to cover your design in it's final size.  
Firmly, smooth over the design at all angles.

Once smoothed, removed transfer paper slowly.

Once you have applied your transfer paper, you will use your smoothing tool to run over the vinyl.  Smooth at all angles to make sure that when you lift off your transfer paper, the vinyl sticks to it.

You are going to stick your transfer paper, along with your top vinyl layer, onto your second layer of vinyl by lining up your registration marks.  

You will do this for each layer, each time smoothing down firmly.


You can then cut out your design, minus the registration marks. 

I like to wrap my design around the tumbler, prior to applying.  That way I can get an idea of placement.

Set your tumbler down on something soft, as to not scratch it while your applying the vinyl.  I like to start applying in the middle of the design first.  

As you apply, press firmly and evenly to get rid of any air bubbles.

You will slowly and carefully peel back the transfer paper.  Use an Xacto knife to pop any trapped air bubbles.

And there you have it!  Your awesome and unique tumbler!!  Happy sipping! :)

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